Selected works
A few things I get excited about
Teaching, Data, + Visualizations
I love teaching. I also love the intersection of art, data, and cognitive science. Here are a couple of side projects I had a lot of fun doing:

{Degrees That Pay You Back}
As a Datacamp Instructor, I designed and developed a Jupyter Notebook project to guide students in applying analytical skills including data manipulation, k-means clustering, visualization, and storytelling via R using real-world data.
The project, Degrees That Pay You Back, is available for premium account users.

{Welcome to My Library}
I like to read, a lot. What better way to celebrate that than inviting you on a visual analytical storytelling journey through my reading history over the last several years! (Thanks to Goodreads for storing my reading data and Tableau for the visualization tools).

Creative Community

{ Salon (for) Literary, Artistic, Musical, & Movement Mash-ups }

Salon [səˈlän] n. 1. A periodic assembly of guests, particularly a gathering of literary, artistic, social, cultural, or intellectual distinction.

SLAMMM: Salon (for) Literary, Artistic, Musical, & Movement Mash-ups. My vision for this group is to be an open community in the Seattle area fostering the sharing of art, ideas, and passions, alongside the interactive blending of talents for new creative mashups. The only requirement to attend is bringing a “creative contribution” of your choice to share in a casual jam-setting (the opportunities are truly limitless here). Feel free to contact me for more details or if you'd like to stay in the loop. All are welcome!

Album Art Design
I have created album cover artwork and graphic design edits for 4 of Oakland musician Mighty Quinn's latest releases and provide occasional website updates for his site {}. You can listen to his punk rock jams at {}! These are my favorite designs:

The mission of the Wudang Internal Martial Arts Academy is to spread awareness of Chinese internal martial arts, promote health and spiritual cultivation, and to teach serious and practical fighting techniques for self-defense.

I redesigned the website at {} with a bright, simpler, more modern look in alignment with the academy's desired aesthetic. I also continue to serve as webmaster, designer, and consultant for the managing of new content and online presence as they continue to advertise internal Chinese martial arts classes in Seattle, WA.



Redesigned {} with a more modern look (original site developed in 1999), used to advertise tai chi classes in the East Bay of California. Webmaster and former assistant instructor.



Developed {} for a harpist to advertise her skills in Chicago.

Developed {} for a film about the Armenian Genocide for a screenwriter in Sacramento Area.

Martial Arts
I started studying tai chi in 2013 with Starfire in Berkeley. Currently, I am studying baguazhang, taijiquan, and qigong at the International Wudang Internal Martial Arts Academy and am a member of the demonstration team which regularly performs around Seattle, WA.

I also like to compete. Here are my stats as of 2019:

March 2015: Chinese Martial Arts Tournament (CMAT) in Berkeley, CA.
Gold in Beginner's Tai Chi Short Weapon.

March 2016: CMAT in Berkeley, CA.
Gold in Intermediate Tai Chi Short Weapon, and Gold in Intermediate Tai Chi Partner Form.

May 2018: Can-Am International Martial Arts Tournament in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Gold in Advanced Baguazhang Hand Form.

June 2018: International Chinese Martial Arts Tournament (ICMAC) in Orlando, FL.
Gold in Advanced Baguazhang Weapon and Silver in Advanced Baguazhang Hand Form.

March 2019: CMAT in Berkeley, CA.
Gold in Advanced Baguazhang Hand Form and Gold in Advanced Internal Long Weapon.

August 2019: Seattle International Chinese Martial Arts Tournament in Seattle, WA
Gold in Advanced Baguazhang Dao (broadsword), Silver in Advanced Baguazhang Hand Form, and Silver in Advanced Other Traditional Weapon Form (baguazhang crescent moon knives)

Links to demo videos:

{Yang Tai Chi Fan Form: Berkeley, CA}

{Wudang Qigong demo: Seattle Chinese Culture and Arts Festival}

{Wudang Bagua demo: Seattle Dragon Festival}
Academic Projects
A couple favorites from my time at UC Berkeley:

Technology for Creativity and Learning sChemata: A 3D Digital Hand Gesture Recognition Tool for Studying 3D Concepts in Chemistry

Music Cognition: The Impact of Familiar Music of Rhythmic Playback for Patients with Alzheimer's Disease