Jaclyn Field Burge
My name is Jaclyn. Nice to meet you!

“Art reaches its greatest peak when devoid of self-consciousness.” - Bruce Lee

I live in pursuit of art, both visual and martial. These creative passions and ways of thinking bleed into my professional work as a decision scientist, product manager, teacher, and problem solver.

In alignment with my appreciation for abstract art, I rely on abstraction to distill the essentials from complexity in an easily digestible manner whether I'm teaching, visualizing data, or presenting results to stakeholders.

I strongly believe creativity is for everyone. It just takes practice, courage, and a willingness to fail, not unlike martial arts. Working with data and code is no different. The realms of art and analytics are both messy, requiring insight, experimentation, and design-thinking to tell a greater story.
Photo Credit (including top photo): Cory Maryott
Interested in my work, sharing ideas, or collaborating?
Available for personal websites, artwork, teaching, mentorship, and piano or djembe accompaniment.

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